Duloxetine withdrawal part II

This is the pits. This is by far the worst he’s been ever, even when he’s been in the middle of a breakdown.

And to know it’s a physical reaction is a real kick in the teeth because isn’t it bad enough that he’s bipolar?

Yes, he probably should have waited until he was more stable but the more you read, the more you discover that duloxetine withdrawl is famously hard as you discover when you read forums such as this one. Obviously people tend to post to forums when they feel bad but you get the general idea that feeling this awful is not uncommon.

Oh dear, I just found this – which doesn’t make for good reading.

The RAGE is probably the hardest part (mine and his ha ha ha), he was supposed to be back at work today but he can’t be trusted to leave the bedroom let alone the house. And he’s vile.

I’m actually fine when I’m not around him but I’m finding it really difficult to be around him as I’m so bloody angry with it all. And it’s not his fault. He’s so angry that he can’t even ring the doctors because the fury he feels when they don’t answer the phone immediately takes over.

DH definitely has the rage, the headaches, the dizziness, the brain zaps, the despair – it’s a range of symptoms both physical and psychological and it’s really awful. And seemingly he could be suffering these for ages. I had assumed the effects were mainly physical until I read the mentalhealthdaily.com page above and I’m now in a total freak out that the psychological effects are potential worse.

The first thing to do would be to speak to his doctor but at this stage I wouldn’t even be able to get him out of the house to get to the doctor. However, I think I’m going to have to try because he can’t stay like this. He’s probably closer to committing suicide than he’s ever been.