Ahem, sorry I’m late

Well….yes. I’m back. I haven’t posted because things have been, on balance, okay. A fairly major blip in November following an overseas trip (him, not me). Jet lag messes with your mind and body and if you are bipolar, it’s a lot worse. As witnessed here at  purplepersuasion.wordpress.com.

Then the annual visit to Florida for work (again, him not me). This trip has been the trigger for three breakdowns over the years, the main one resulting in five weeks in hospital.

Here’s how it goes. The run-up to going away is stressful for him (huge pressure to sell) and stressful for me (anticipating looking after the kids on my own for two weeks). Then the trip, stressful all round for the same reasons. Then the return and at LEAST two weeks of jet lag and a gradual slump.

DH has taken the last two days off work as he feels so shitty and last night I just lost my shit. He accused me of being a pessimist and looking for the bad times to happen and I countered with my defence. That I am probably the most optimistic person I know, otherwise I’d have been out of there a long long time ago.

I won’t go in to all the dull details. Suffice to say that it was a reminder that while the bipolar has eased away, it’s never too far in the distance.



Author: MrsF

I'm married, with kids, to an alcoholic depressive husband. I'm happier than I should be given that description, but I have fantastic family and friends, and gorgeous children, who make the bad bits of my life entirely bearable.

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