It’s been a loooong time coming

Well I haven’t posted since July and so much has happened. Not really, but actually ‘not a lot happening’ is generally a good thing in our situation.

The holiday happened and it was good. The pills finally kicked in the week before we went away, better late than never I suppose but it was a painful wait.

I’m working more, freelancing, not exactly bringing in the big money still but it all helps I suppose.

Our daughter has started secondary school which is a pretty huge thing. Makes me feel very old. She’s handling it well, as she does most things, but she’s so grown up in so many ways and yet still a little girl in others. But she’s even more aware of the world around her and DH and I are conscious that she will pick up on more and more regarding his moods and illness.

DH has had a few ups and downs but really nothing too long lasting. Nevertheless, they are still really unpleasant for all of us when they do hit him.

In summary, I suppose it’s another case of ‘no news is good news’!