Waiting game

DH is not great, not sure if the Citalopram is just taking ages to kick in or if he’s feeling side effects but he’s been in bed most of the weekend. He did however make it to a friend’s 40th last night. Yes. It’s true.

What’s also true is that I would have enjoyed myself more without him. The irony isn’t lost on me. But he was so clearly almost in physical pain that it took all the joy out for both of us. I’m at the stage of not really engaging with him as it’s pointless.

He’s due at docs on Tuesday. I really hope things get better as we’re going away in two weeks. I really really really don’t want to go if he’s like he is now. He’s also off work this week and I can’t say that’s filling me with delight either.

It can’t be right that I feel like this about spending time with my own husband. And he is not getting much out of being with us right now either.



Author: MrsF

I'm married, with kids, to an alcoholic depressive husband. I'm happier than I should be given that description, but I have fantastic family and friends, and gorgeous children, who make the bad bits of my life entirely bearable.

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