It’s been a long time coming

Wow, in fact it’s been weeks since I posted. What can I say….nothing much has changed except DH has decided to back on to anti-depressants. He hasn’t actually started them yet as he’s had various things on at work and he knows how shit he’s going to feel for a few weeks.

How do I feel? Well, thank you for asking. I have no idea. Stress levels are high here as DH also has to undergo a medical for the DVLA for some reason. He has to renew his licence each year due to being in the Priory but they’ve said he has to have a medical this time. This is causing him to panic as we really don’t know why they’ve asked for this. He filled in the form exactly as he did last year….who knows. But he’s terrified that he’s going to lose his licence.

It’s not exactly relaxing round these parts, that’s for sure.


Author: MrsF

I'm married, with kids, to an alcoholic depressive husband. I'm happier than I should be given that description, but I have fantastic family and friends, and gorgeous children, who make the bad bits of my life entirely bearable.

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